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A rocky start: Capturing Gibraltar

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I'm writing a new book, a Regency Romance/mystery set in Gibraltar in 1810. I lived in Gibraltar for two and a half years when I was a teenager and decided to use this setting for the novel. In the process not only am I reliving memories of my sojourn there, but also , through research, finding out many interesting facts about the Peninsular War. Originally the book was going to be a light Regency romance, but when I added the element of mystery about a traitor operating from Gib, the novel changed to be more of a hybrid. The romance is paramount, but it's the mystery that brings the protagonists, Minerva Glendenning and Sir Richard Faulconer, together. I hope to self-publish Miss Glendenning's Spy sometime in 2021. Spurring me on to meet this deadline is the book cover designed by Shaela Kay of Blue Water Books Cover Design. Go to Books to read more about this novel.

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