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War of 1812 and WW1

Although I've written a rough draft for the second book in Effie and Calum's story, (the working title is The Water Is Wide) I'm still on the look out for tidbits of historical information. As the story takes place in 1814 with the promise of peace by the end of the year, I found the article below. Strangely enough it's from the US Constitution Museum.

A war changes things between those countries involved and even other countries and future relationships between countries. (Trade in particular being a factor of discontent and drawing others into a war. We set up embargoes today against hostile nations and this is nothing new as I learned. ) I found this article about how the peace between Britain and the USA affected how the USA eventually took part in WW1: World War 1 and the Legacy of the War of 1812

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Meg Grierson
Meg Grierson
27 de mar. de 2019

Wow - what a fascinating recounting of US-UK relations! It gave me a lot of clarity on our diplomatic history. Guess it’s about time for me to revisit those history books I left behind a couple decades ago. Hahaha

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