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When you've gone down a rabbit hole

Research is a huge part of writing historical fiction and sometimes it's easy to just keep researching as you chase interesting facts most of which will not even end up in your book. But that weird information you found as you disappeared down a research warren may end up as the basis for or part of another novel. But research can also be dangerous: you get so involved in the research you don't get back to actually writing.

Recently, Donna Hatch, a historical fiction blogger, asked if people would be interested in being a guest blogger on her blog, Historical Hussies. Most of the authors who write Regency novels set their stories in England where society is shocked at runaway marriages to Gretna Green. But what if your story is set in Scotland? To answer that question, I wrote a post, "Tying the Knot in Regency Scotland" to show the difference in marriage customs and laws between the two countries. So all that research that I did on Scottish marriages which became an infinitesimal part of my novel, can be shared with others through a blog. I have been pleasantly surprised at the generosity and support that writers give each other, especially through the particular Facebook groups I follow. Writing a guest blog gives me an opportunity to share too.

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